The original KLF Discography format was (& sometimes still is) used on a daily basis for the useful info

& the ease of how that info was laid out. 

This Discography has been updated to include much more info about the releases, including photos, matrix / runout groove info, as well as more detailed variation info...

This 'New Style Discography' will be updated constantly by:

Mark Rolfe, Andrew Lee, Maarten Bouwes, Thomas Touzimsky, Jethro "Culfinion" Binks, Len Goody, Ibe Motty, Thomas Dawson, Dave Barnes, Antti Lavio, Dan Hutchins, Ulrik Brandt Hansen, Diego E. Mateos, Simon Daw, Marek Mierzejewski, Ashley Pavlov & not forgetting our Friend Tim Denton (R.I.P.)

For starting The Old Discography many many years ago...


Thanks Go Out To:
    Christian Bartholdsson, Dave Datta, Jeff Hansen, Jason Bilsky, Jeremy York, Per Gotterup, J.R. "Culfinion" Binks, Don Wiliam Voorhies,
    Pete Robinson, Mark Turner, Johan Jaatinen, Jeremiah Rickert, Andrew Krieg, Mark Drackford, Paul Doherty, Raphiel, Matthew Sikorski,
    Scott Weaver, Thorsten Duhn, Nick Gilmour, Gregor Menasian, Laust Barbesgaard, Blake Heinzeroth, Asbjorn S. Mikkelsen, John Turpin,
    Johnny Bremer, Ivo Peeters, Mute, Andy Quinn, HakkuH/Steira, Michael Dover, Don Gagen, Kristoffer Bjorkman, Johan Sallstrom,
    Maurice Powell, Heiko Bosman, Nicola Battista, Stefan Sell, Jon Herbert, Simon Coward, Ljubovic Vedran, Joerg Denninghoff, Simon Daw,
    Maarten Bouwes, Thomas Touzimsky, Steffen Bergner, Simon Coward, Daniel Erlemann, Torsten Pattberg, SavX, RezDog, Jonas Wessel, Rachel, Chris Peel, Marc Bower,


Special Thanks go to: Erik Gander, Tim Richards, and (of course) Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty

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